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2023 Spring - Coach Application


Thank You for Your Interest in Coaching at Bill Bond!

Please fill out this form if you are interested in either managing or coaching a regular season and or travel/tournament team.  



Manager's Freeze Options

Currently managers (head coaches) are allowed 4 primary freezes to lock in 4 players to their team and may use a 5th freeze on an "out of park" player who played at an outside park the prior spring season and was recruited to play at Billbond for the current spring season. 


This spring we are adding a "retention freeze" for returning managers for our MINORS, ROOKIE and TBALL divisions. A returning manager (head coach who coached in the prior spring season) may freeze ONE additional player who the Board confirms is eligible to freeze. To qualify as an eligible retention player, the player MUST have played at Billbond and FOR the manager using the "retention freeze" in the prior spring season.  If this player was a primary freeze from the prior season they WILL NOT be eligible as a retention freeze. "Out of park" freezes are considered eligible for the retention freeze. 


Managers can continue to use the retention freeze on the same player for the following season. The same player IS NOT required to be used as the retention freeze for future seasons. Managers may pick a different player as a retention freeze for the next season as long as the player meets the criteria listed above. 


For freeze related questions please email


Coaching Clinic(s)

In prior years Billbond would host a coaching clinic prior to the start of the season. This year we are offering a coaches educational session through Pipeline, a coaching clinic, practice visits to assist with structure and techniques and the ability to discuss drills and ask coaching related questions directly to a Pipeline representative. We are still working on the specifics of these new additions and will reach out to coaches directly. 



Please direct questions to:

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