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Bill Bond Travel Baseball Program


Spring 2023 at Billbond will have a new and different structure than prior years. Pipeline is bringing in and giving us access to a coaching network built on player development. This coaching expertise will be applied across all our age divisions in a various number of ways. The best way we know how to impact each player is to give our current and future coaches direct access to this network and its development tools for the rec teams. We are very thankful Pipeline gives us the opportunity for coaching clinics, player evaluation, on field assistance to ask questions and build quality practice programs.

Yes, there will be some speed bumps in the road, but it is not unexpected and common with changing an environment. We look forward to establishing sustained competitive growth for our young players.

 Below is an outline giving parents as much information as possible on specifically the 9U and 10U travel teams. Feedback is welcome and a key to this process getting off the ground. Email us with questions and concerns Please know this is a dynamic situation. We are learning along the way, and the Board will make changes if needed.


Tryouts and Team Formation:

-Players will attend at least 1 of the tryouts listed

-A team of 10 or 11 players will be selected by Pipeline for the team.

-Players will be required to play on a team in our rec program.

-Additional players can be added from the rec league on an as needed basis.

-Head coaches are appointed by Pipeline from their currently established coaching unit.

-Coaches will work in conjunction with the Board and other league coaches to assist in player development of rec and travel players.

-Coaches, Parents, Spectators and Players will be held to the same standard and Code of Conduct our league currently operates under. A copy can be found on our website under the documents tab or in the current league registration.

-Final team formation date TBD. This will be announced by Pipeline.


Practices, Tournaments and Uniforms:

-Minimum of 2/3 practices a week starting in January and continuing through the Billbond season.

-Practice locations will consist of a mixture of Pipeline facility and Billbond practice fields.

-Billbond Travel teams will coordinate with the board on scheduling to avoid practice conflicts with rec teams.

-Once the Billbond Season begins travel teams will practice 2x per week.

-Primary practice days for travel teams during the rec season will be Wednesday and Friday. Adjustments will be made based on the team’s availability.

-Team practice plans will be established by Pipeline, and rec coaches will be able to attend travel practices to model and use similar practice plans for their teams.

-Teams will compete in 5 tournaments, 4 local (within 1-1/2 hour driving distance), option for 1 non-local tournament. This averages to roughly 1 tournament per month.

-The travel team conclusion will coincide with the end of Billbond’s regular season.

-Each team will have the option to add one additional summer tournament that will NOT conflict with All Star tournaments or practices.

-We expect all coaches (rec and travel) and parents to work together on pitch limitations. As we navigate towards the season, we will work together to establish a cohesive plan to make sure a young person’s health and safety is the top priority.

-Team will receive 2 full tournament uniforms. Jersey, pants, belt, socks, and hat.


Cost for Travel season:

-All-inclusive cost. Items included: Coaching fees, Facility fees, insurance, uniforms, additional coaching expense for travel, all tournament fees.

-$950 per player

-Each team will have fundraising options to reduce total fee cost or to sponsor a player.

-Players may generate team sponsorships to help offset cost.

-Monthly payment options available.

-Our goal is to reduce this cost as much as possible with the fundraising and sponsorships, however we cannot give an exact cost reduction. Some teams and players may want to fundraise more or will bring in more sponsorships than others. We believe the starting cost and final cost is significantly lower than ALL other travel programs in our area.


Thank you for choosing Billbond over the years, and we look forward to creating something special for our players this season.