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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a growing page and more questions/answers will be added periodically.

How many days a week do you practice and play?  It is the expectation of the league that players will have ~4 contact baseball days a week.  If there are no games 3-4 practices are the norm.  Once games start then practices do back off.  The league schedules the games but the coaches schedule practices based on what they see their team needs to excel. At 9U and up games are only scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays so players wanting to play weekend tournaments have that flexibility. 

Where are the practices?  Practices will be held at the Roger Scott complex as well as the surrounding city of Pensacola parks.

Where are the games?  T Ball, Coach Pitch, Minors, and Majors games will be held at the Roger Scott complex off of Summit Blvd.  Babe Ruth and Majors games will be held at Roger Scott but also coordinated games at other parks in the area. 

Do you offer a tournament team option?  Yes, at age 8U and up we hold tryouts for our tournament teams.   All players on the tournament teams must also play on a regular-season spring recreational team if 10 or under.  If a player makes the tournament team they will also play weekend tournaments during the regular spring season.  Participation in the tournament team involves additional practices and an added financial commitment.  One does not have to play on the tournament team in order to make the end of the season all-star team, but those on the tournament team definitely have an advantage as they are playing more games at a higher level.  

How much does it cost to play? 

PRIOR TO January 1st, 2022




AFTER January 1st, 2022




How do I pay my fees?

  • PAY ONLINE IN FULL:  Submit total fees online today upon the conclusion of this registration session via Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or checking account.  WE DO NOT ACCEPT OFFLINE PAYMENTS
  • PAYMENT PLAN:  Fees are divided into 3 installments with the first installment to be collected online today upon the conclusion of this registration session via Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or checking account. The remaining balance will be automatically debited from the SAME ACCOUNT on 2/15 and 3/15.
    • If you wish to use a different account to pay the balance, please log in to your SportsNgin account BEFORE the first day of payment to update your account information.

What do I get for my registration money?  Registration fees include -- Uniform (Hat and Jersey), practice shirt, umpires at games, official scorekeeper at 7u and up, and 10+ regular-season games plus an end of season tournament.

Additional expenses may be incurred if a player is selected for post-season play or if a coach has a special practice at an indoor facility or with a professional coach.

How many kids are taken at each age group?

When you register you will be put on a list in order of registration date and time.  Registering reserves your spot to play.  THERE WILL BE A POINT WHERE WE CLOSE REGISTRATION FOR AN AGE GROUP BASED ON THE NUMBER OF COACHES WE HAVE.   In the event, an age group fills, those that register first will be placed on a team. Others will be placed on our waiting list.

Do I have to fundraise?    We do not have required fundraising for our parents and players.  Just come and watch your player play.

What Divisions are played at Bill Bond?  Bill Bond currently has 5 Divisions.  Tee Ball (Ages 4-6), Rookies (Ages 7-8), Minors (Ages 9-10), Majors (Ages 11-12), Babe Ruth (Ages 13-15).  A player “Baseball Age” is their age on May 1st of a particular season.

How do Freezes work?  please see the Bylaws posted on the website under the docs tab.

I want my player to play for a specific coach or a friend.  How do I request that?  If you want your player to play for a particular coach, that coach must freeze your player before player evaluations (see the How Freezes Work section).  Outside of coaches freezes, where the player ends up playing will depend on the results of the draft.  The only exception to this is siblings.  If a coach drafts a sibling, they will get the other sibling in the draft.  This policy is in place to help ensure parity.



All ages 12 and below must wear molded cleats (plastic).   Ages 13 &14 (Juniors) may wear metal or molded cleats.


Bill Bond regular season teams must follow the current Cal Ripken bat guidelines or the USSSA bat guidelines. A list of the requirements is located here.

If you have more questions please email us at INFO@BILLBOND.ORG and we will respond.  If you would like to speak with someone, email us a number and a board member will call you.  Thanks and we hope to see you at Bill Bond.